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The practice of law is experiencing rapid changes in several areas including discovery, practice management, and how legal services are being delivered.  The common denominator in all these areas is technology.  The impact of technology on the practice of law has been so pervasive that the ABA revised its rules of professional conduct to include rules that mandate attorneys to demonstrate technological competence. Although the ABA is a voluntary organization for attorneys at least half of the state bars across the U.S. followed suit and adopted ethical rules regarding technology.

The State Bar of California was one of those states and drafted the following ethic opinions:

  • CAL 2012-184: Virtual Law Office
  • CAL 2012-186: Social Networking
  • CAL 2013-188: Confidential Information and Unsolicited Email Correspondence
  • CAL 2015-193: ESI and Discovery Requests
  • CAL 2016-196: Attorney Blogging

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  • March 15, 2018

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Llynette Bealer, MBA

Llynette Bealer, MBA

Course Facilitator

Lakisha Lynette Bealer founded Agility Legal Solutions in 2011.  Agility offers Estate Planning and Administration services in San Diego, California and virtual paralegal services to attorneys across the globe.  

Ms. Bealer has over 20 years experience in the legal industry.  She has worked for law firms in both California and Alabama and various financial institutions.  In addition to  her experience Ms. Bealer holds an Associates degree in Business/Legal Assistant Studies, a Bachelors in Business/Accounting, a Master's in Business Administration, and a Master's in Paralegal Studies.  She teaches on-line CLE's for Rainmakers Legal Education and paralegal programs for the Paralegal Academy on-line and on campus in San Diego, California.


Virtual Law Office

Social Networking

Confidential Information

Unsolicited Email Correspondence

ESI and Discovery Requests

Attorney Blogging


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