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This is an extensive client communication training program that focuses on customer service excellence and quality communication with an emphasis on overcoming communication barriers. Due to globalization and the widespread reliance on technology the legal landscape is experiencing rapid change. Legal organizations are beginning to open practices and offices in other countries. It’s important for paralegal's to understand how important communication is to their careers. In order for paralegals to remain competitive they must ensure that they have a mix of technical and "soft skills". Some paralegals mistakenly assume that their technical ability or other skill sets will be their key to success, but without solid communication skills, the others become much less valuable. Technical skills are what gets you the job. Soft skills are what helps you to keep the job and grow in the paralegal career.

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Now more than ever before paralegals must be able to bring more to the table than their ability to conduct thorough legal research and write stellar case briefs. It is equally important to be able to engage with clients in different regions around the world. We're now working in a technological and globalized legal environment. It is increasingly important for legal staff to be able to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally. Our program is not only the first paralegal program to incorporate Six Sigma into its training we also incorporate college level credit courses into the curriculum, as well as a language learning component, and a real world simulated law office.

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The Expert Paralegal Training & Certification (Six Sigma for Paralegals Program) is a legal process improvement program designed to create paralegal professionals by incorporating quality enhancement techniques to the job functions that paralegals routinely perform. In this on-line program paralegals and aspiring paralegals are provided with the tools and information that will allow them to conduct periodic progress checks on their performance which over the long haul will create systematic improvements in quality and productivity that is quantitive in nature. This approach to the paralegal career ensures that paralegals are utilized to their fullest capabilities and do not meander as legal secretaries. Overall this approach to completing paralegal specific duties will allow those who successfully complete the program to outperform and outearn their counterparts. Their are numerous studies that prove that those with Six Sigma training earn significantly more than their counterparts.

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